Jeff     &    Nicole

        Jeff found his beautiful bride in August of 2014 in the Las Vegas area. With cupid by their side's they fell in love. After a few long years it was was only right to tie the knot.  

      They choose to have the wedding  at Wedgewood in Las Vegas. This luxurious wedding venue represents the best of both worlds with a blend of rural and urban elements: it sits on a picturesque golf course with a backdrop of the majestic Sunrise Mountain on one side, and the cityscape of the strip on the other. 

Toby    &      Kylie

        Toby a former United States Marine Corps Veteran, spent multiple tours over seas. Upon exiting the the service he went to Oklahoma and found his beautiful bride in 2014, at a country bar by the name of Legends. God made sure these two would never be apart after that day. 

      They choose to have their wedding at Legends Ranch. Filled with western ambiance, grassy lawns, mature trees, river rock walls, and accented by rustic details like an old wood pergola.


Mark      &     Corey

 Mark a United States Air force Pilot, met his beautiful bride at a Easter brunch. The moment they made eye contact, "Dream Weaver" played in his mind. He knew he had to approach at hypersonic speeds (MACH 10) and within a blink of an eye he swept her off her feet!    

      They choose to have their wedding at The Farm. This unique, and rustic location was perfect for all! The party was not only enjoyed by loving family, and friends, but all sorts of wild life!  

Kyle     &     Heather

         Kyle and Heather met on a mission's trip to Mexico. At that time god called for them to serve for the Crossing Church, building homes for the homeless. Within a short period of time, they continued to grow closer. As the days grew longer they knew the connection was something to cherish. With god on their side they were inseparable.  

       They choose to have their wedding at a quiet home in Lake Las Vegas. Friends and family joined together from all over to spend such a wonderful day that everyone will remember for a lifetime. 

Brett    &    Chelsea

         Brett & Chelsea's day couldn't have gone any better! Friends and family came from all over to see these two love birds tie the knot. Coming from a military background Brett shotgun'd his way to her heart sweeping his bride off her feet. 

       They choose to have their wedding at a quiet oasis in the desert. Paiute Golf Course is known for its beautiful landscapes and amazing mountain views. Friends and family joined together from all over to spend such a wonderful day together.

Brian   &    Jessie

         Brian & Jessie had such an awesome themed wedding! Choosing to do an all out Alice & Wonderland Adventure. Friends and family from all over grabbed their costumes in support of these two.

       They choose to have their wedding on the Las Vegas Strip inside the Link. Afterwards they followed the rabbit to a private location for the ultimate Tea Party! 

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